There’s an app for what?

Apparently the newest tool in communication and branding is to create an application or app for a smart phone. While iPhones are one of the more popular types, there are many other  smart phones as well. Even Rick Domieier of QVC has an app, or at least that’s what he said while selling tools and other housewares last night (ok,ok, so it was not one of my more interesting nights).

This post isn’t about phones though, but rather about an article I ran across the other day that is an excellent lesson in personal branding. It seems that Chad Ochocinco (formerly Chad Johnson) of the Cincinatti Bengals now has an app, the Ochocinco Experience,  that allows fans to follow his every move, get advice or listen to the same music.

While the story talks about how some of the content is similar to his website, the fact that this latest product ties together a website, twitter feed and exclusive content is a model for how a brand can exist and support itself with multiple types of online content.

The website itself is a fairly good example of the intergration of new technology. There is video which is sometimes streamed live, and a number that allows people to call in and ask questions. There is also a news feed with football news pertaining to the Bengals and a store featuring branded tshirts and other items related to the player. Even if the app isn’t bought, word of it generates conversation and helps to keep the brand fresh in the minds of people. Of course, with stunts like attempting to “bribe” an official during a game, someone like Ochocinco is never that far out of the limelight anyway.


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One Response to “There’s an app for what?”

  1. shorokez Says:

    I am curious as to why we take everything to the absolute extreme. As a marketer, I honestly don’t get the abuse of every possible avenue in an attempt to reach the consumer; as a consumer, I feel like I have no where to go to be able to make MY OWN mind!!

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