Let It Snow

So last night Roanoke got over a foot of snow. Not sure what this has to do with marketing but it’s a fairly significant event for around here and it’s the most snow I’ve seen since I moved here in 2006.

In the battle between AT&T and Verizon Wireless holiday themed ads are making an appearance. The ads run the gamut from the feel good family moment with a father who can’t connect with his family to Santa’s reindeer who display the network maps between their antlers. The website, FierceWireless even critques the ads based on aesthetics and effectivness. The interesting thing about this is that the ads are not featured on the Verizon Wireless website, even though some of their older ads are posted there.

The fact that commercials can be found on YouTube means that the life of an ad campaign can live on far beyond what it was designed for by a company. It has been written that once something is uploaded to the web, it can remain there forever and, in the case of popular content, that is certainly the case. It also means that a larger audience can be reached through non-traditional distribution channels, even when not specifically done so by a company, which brings us to another point- projectors.

Once a staple of conference rooms and used primarily for showing power point presentations or broadcasting sporting events at bars, projectors are now becoming smaller and more portable. RecentlyLG began running ads for a projector that connects to a cell phone meaning that content viewed on phones may not necessarily remain on a mobile device to be shared by the user and maybe on other person at a time. With a projector connected to a phone, mobile content can immediately be broadcast to a larger audience without the need for anything more than a blank wall. Sound quality may suffer due to limitations on speakers but if an image can be planted in the haed of a passerby, they can be enticed to go search for it later.

Of course the model phone with the projector, the LG eXpo, is only available through AT&T so they might want to think about getting a better map before projecting it.

There is also a crossover promotion with the movie Avatar and this video explains a little about it.


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