Help, IT needs somebody

Once again we’ve channeled the Beatles to help with discussing something else that could have a potential effect on mobile marketing- the amount of staffing in IT departments. According to a story on InfoWorld by Denise Dubie from Network World some executives and CIOs are concerned about the level of IT staffing and how it can be built up in the future.

So what does that have to do with marketing? On the surface nothing, but as marketing embraces, integrates and adopts more technology there have to be people who know how to keep networks running, maintain security for ecommerce sites and figure out how to keep pace with changing technology and devices. Also alluded to in the story is a “do more with less” strategy that is popular with a lot of companies during times of lean budgets and slower business which leaves current employees stretched thin and ultimately cannot be sustained without additional resources or a shifting of responsibilities.

This concern highlights the collaborative nature of marketing. It takes many people with a variety of skills to go beyond getting basic items like news releases out as well as creating campaigns or messages that will help a company stand out among the clutter of information that exists and stay ahead of its competitors.

Even if PR/marketing practitioners take on some of the roles of IT departments, that still goes back to the “more with less” mode of operation and could lead to decisions about how much time is spent developing strategies versus how much time is spent doing nuts and bolts things that allow those strategies to function?


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