Three if by air

I figured I’d wrap this up by throwing in a now to one of the early posts here. I’ll let you figure out which one.

Anyway, as we’ve discussed several times before there are challenges created by the rapidly expanding options available to marketing professionals from the shortage of IT staffing to the limit on memory and the constant upgrading of devices.

Well it seems as though there is another problem with devices, the data that is transmitted takes up space and companies are about to run out. It turns out that all of the smart phones and other mobile devices are doing far more than what was predicted and that watching movies and playing games is beginning to take it’s toll.

This could lead to longer download times which would equate to frustrated users which in turn could lead to changes in how information is presented. AT&T is has already begun to swtich it’s tactics in the battle against Verizon by focusing on faster download speeds versus coverage area but if networks begin to slow down, what would they be able to market?


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